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The Coffee Company.

We are the exclusive partners for Miko coffee, Helmut Sachers and Tea Forte in Ireland and supply brands such as Puro, Grand Milano, Blue Moon & Tea Forte.

Partnering with our customers to produce the best cup of coffee for coffee lovers. We supply ethically sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans, bringing the best of world coffee to Irish cafes. Our search for the best equipment brought us to Monaco and the Conti factory in Monte Carlo. Monaco and Conti share an unsurpassed passion for craftsmanship and reliability. They have produced espresso machines in Monaco for over 60 years.

We love sharing our knowledge with our customer, through our barista training programme at their premises or our school. All our customers are backed-up by our team which deliver and quality check your coffee. Our espresso machines are installed and maintained by our own team of engineers.

We have partnered with Tea Forte to bring the finest herbal infusions from the gardens of the world to Ireland. From delicate whites through green to luxurious black teas and herbal infusions.

We are delighted to have recently introduced Traditional and ceremonial Matcha Green Tea to our range of products. A tradition of carefully growing and preparing green tea that stretches back over a thousand years. High in antioxidants and rich in flavour it is a pleasure that can be enjoyed hot and cold in lattes and smoothies.




It all started when…

The Coffee Company was created back in 2004 by the husband and wife team Mary & James. They travelled around Europe trying some of the best coffees Europe had to offer until they found Helmut Sachers. A family roaster established in Vienna in 1929.  The Viennese coffee was like nothing they had ever tasted, it was sumptuous, complex and authentic. With coffees like this it is no wonder Austria has such a chic café culture.

Blue Moon Deluxe and Mocha were quickly adopted by the people of Ireland and is being enjoyed in Cafe’s Hotels and Bars ever since.

In 2008 we heard of a coffee that not only tasted good but was also fair-trade (better for the farmers), Organic (tastes better and is better for the land its grown on) but also saved the rainforest by giving proceeds from every bag sold to The World Land Trust. So in 2008 we became the exclusive distributor in Ireland for Miko Coffee, selling premium branded coffee like Puro and the Italian style Grand Milano.

Miko have been roasting coffee for over 200 years and is one of the oldest roasters in the world, so its fair to say they know what they are doing.

We have now been selling their coffees for over 10 years and over that time they have provided us with consistent, high quality and delicious coffee beans for the Irish public.

To be a good coffee supplier you can’t just sell coffee beans, you also have to be able to support your customer in terms of machinery, training and quality checks. This is why we established a team of trained and skilled professionals from engineers to barista trainers that provide a full end to end support system for our customers.

How it Looks Today…

Trusted equipment from the world’s best manufacturers see our coffees enjoyed in all manner of environments, from chic, upmarket city bars to cosy, comfy village cafes. Whatever the type of coffee offering you run, we can provide delicious coffees, teas and mouth-watering hot chocolates, elegant, reliable machines and an array of added pleasures like branded crockery and biscuits. We cater for all types of clients wether it be small independents, Hotels, Restaurants, multiple high street sites or corporate catering needs.

Coffe Suppliers in Ireland

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