The New Health Drink Taking Ireland by Storm

The new craze which is sweeping across Europe is now Here In Ireland. Dubbed ‘green cocaine by food blog Lovin Dublin, its now making its way across the rest of the country and can now be found in a number of Cafe’s and bars here in West. We here at the coffee company also share the love of Matcha. Our Japanese Organic Matcha is delicious on its own or in a creamy latte and who would have thought, its good you! I know often things that taste good aren’t as good for you as you’d like but this superfood packs a punch as it has the highest antioxidants of any other natural superfood.

Take a look at this article by the This is the ‘new coffee’ that Ireland is becoming obsessed with

Have a look at our Matcha page to find out more and if you would like us to supply your Matcha and train you in on how its made then contact us today. Tel 093 60336

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