Grand Milano Coffee Suplier The Coffee Company Galway

‘Coffee with Italian Style’

Grand Milano is a dark, Italian-inspired blend of coffee, created using the finest beans, precision-roasted for a sweet, rich and rounded coffee in the classic Milano style. Composed mainly of coffee beans that are grown and nurtured in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Antigua. Grand Milano demonstrates the true enjoyment of drinking coffee. With a full body and notes of nuttiness and chocolate. Get the Grand Milano experience, by sampling it in a rich espresso or as a lush indulgence with milk.

A lively Italian style coffee that satisfies all the senses, Grand Milano is the coffee blend for you.

A popular choice in restaurants and cafes, Grand Milano is the youngest, hippest blend of the Miko brand. It is recognised for having its finger on the pulse of the current generation and capturing the attention of even the most discerning palates. Come and share in the obsession.

Italy, the original coffee capital of the world. With a rich history born in Venice back as far as the 16th century and home to the espresso. Espresso is now the basis for all the popular barista style coffee drinks we know and love.

Grand Milano espresso beans are enjoyed the world over from Ireland to Australia. When you drink a Grand Milano coffee you will be rewarded with a bright, delicate coffee that gives a sweet and nutty taste together with a crisp aroma.

The style does not stop with the taste. The packaging and associated merchandise are sleek, stylish and eye-catching. We here at the coffee company are proud to be the exclusive wholesale distributer for this truly wonderful coffee.  Paired together with our high level of service and support from commercial grade espresso machines to our certified Barista trainers.